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The protection of the health, safety and security of our clients is our top priority at all times during their journey with us. The following details our proactive approach to proper safety through ongoing risk assessment, management training and emergency procedures.

Our Risk Assessment Approach

We take risk assessment very seriously. Our GROUND team managers conduct regular inspections of all hotels and accommodations. We perform inspections on all vehicles, whether provided by our local suppliers or directly by us. We verify that all vehicles for our client’s transportation are roadworthy, legally registered, properly insured and the drivers of these vehicles are licensed.

GROUND also assesses whether our partners and local suppliers are informed and committed to our high standards of safety. We confirm that they are registered and insured to operate legally within the laws of each applicable country.

Risk is also an integral part of any journey. In many areas in which our community projects operate, the standards of hygiene, safety and law enforcement may be substantially lower than those our customers are accustomed to. Adjusting to and understanding the potential risk in these unfamiliar circumstances is fundamental to the personal growth we strive to cultivate in our clients. We request that our clients understand and accept these risks before finalizing their journey planning.

Our ongoing commitment to risk assessment and the implementation of proper safety and security procedures involves regular audits of all our partners and local suppliers. As an example, each supplier is required to provide GROUND with their emergency response procedures. Likewise, our GROUND team managers and staff are trained to make sure our clients comply with GROUND’s health, safety and security practices and take action in the case of any illness, incident or emergency.

Traveller’s Role

Our safety program also rely on our travellers understanding and following the rules of our programs and their GROUND leader’s and/or guide’s instructions. Our enrolment process requests that all clients complete a private medical checklist of any health issue that many influence their enjoyment or that of their fellow travellers.

Emergency Response Procedures

  • 24/7 emergency plans and procedures are audited and approved
  • All staff trained in emergency procedures
  • Emergency contact numbers readily available, both primary and back up
  • Accident/Incident reporting

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety and security, we urge you to contact us through our website or through our social media channels.

Bali Wildlife Conservation Program

Wildlife Conservation Program

Take part in community development and wildlife conservation programs, conduct research and environmental management to protect the local ecosystem.

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Hanoi Teaching Program

Northern Vietnam Teaching Program

Travel to the cradle of Vietnamese culture and collaborate with local schools to improve the local communities' educational standards.

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Teaching Cambodia

Cambodia Teaching Volunteer Program

Provide basic education and training to Cambodian children who would otherwise not have access to such services.

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