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Our physiotherapy placement takes place in a treatment and rehabilitation center for children and veterans affected by the consequences of the Vietnam War. The center also provides the veterans’ children with special and integrating education, vocational training education and creates the favorable conditions for them in reintegrating into the communities.

Nowadays it is home to approximately 100 disabled children, 2/3 of which have both mental and physical disabilities. They require both basic and extensive treatments, as well as vocational training from the center.

Initially, your role will involve observing local healthcare staff and therapists to better understand common practices and attitudes towards the injured and disabled in the developing world. You will then assist with tasks such as capacity building, devising short and long-term therapy plans, implementing exercise programs for patients, and more.

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"Good at sharing things with the kids and very patient with the kids also.

Our trip was very well done. The drivers were great and so were the activities. The food was excellent but almost too much. I don't think we need 5-course meals every night! The kids really enjoyed the street food. Everyone from the drivers to the hotel staff was very friendly and helpful too. [GROUND Vietnam Community Coordinator] Anh did a great job of fixing hotel issues on the first day!

- Mona Thornton

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Jack Bartholomew


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