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Community Outreach Program in Northern Bali

Assist the rural villages located in northern Bali, where nearly all of the population is too far away from the local community health center to receive check-ups or medical treatment.

Work alongside local health care staff to provide free health assessments for up to 70 patients per day and create health education workshops for the community. Join the consultation sessions and learn how to provide health care with limited resources and across cultural and linguistic barriers.

Mobile Eye Clinics in Bali*

There are 7 million blind people in Indonesia, 4.6 million of which are cataract blind, a curable condition in most cases. However, the cost of a cataract operation is far beyond their financial capacity of rural community members, which mostly remain blind throughout their lives.

Your team will join a humanitarian NGO, which helps Balinese communities offering sight restoration and blindness prevention, which is best known for its mobile eye clinic that provides free cataract surgery. You will mobile surgery units in the villages and observe experienced ophthalmic surgeons and nurses perform the surgery in a sterile environment.

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*This part of placement may be changed depending on availability of the partner organization. Please contact GROUND staff for confirmation.

This journey as detailed on this page is indicative of the experiences offered by GROUND. It is intended as an example of the kind of journeys available to our customers. All of our journeys are customizable to meet the needs of both you and the communities we worth with. For the full terms and conditions, please contact GROUND for more information using the form below.


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"Good at sharing things with the kids and very patient with the kids also.

Our trip was very well done. The drivers were great and so were the activities. The food was excellent but almost too much. I don't think we need 5-course meals every night! The kids really enjoyed the street food. Everyone from the drivers to the hotel staff was very friendly and helpful too. [GROUND Vietnam Community Coordinator] Anh did a great job of fixing hotel issues on the first day!

- Mona Thornton

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