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Health Care Education in Slum Community

Assist local health care staff provide health education workshops to the children in a slum community. Gain a unique opportunity to learn how to provide health care with limited resources through this service learning program.

Build Sanitary Facilities

Learn about sanitary problems in Cambodia, where open defecation is still a common practice in rural areas, and work together with local NGOs to build toilets and sanitary facilities for village families.

Human Rights Study Program

Gain insights into Cambodia’s dark past, which created one of the most appalling human rights violations. Speak to local academics and NGOs that work on the issue. Attend a short advocacy walk, as well as observe legal aid workers providing help for the people.

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So grateful for this crazy experience in Cambodia. I would have never thought that I would have ended up here, I now feel like a local and am so grateful for all the incredibly sweet Cambodian people that I have been able to get to know. Thank you to [GROUND Cambodia's] Oum Linda for all your help whilst we have been here, you are amazing!!!

- Hannah Barham, Student

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Jack Bartholomew


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