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GROUND Programs

Managing successful Service Learning, Study, and Incentive Programs

At the end of the day, all of our journeys are based upon community development. Each visiting team, however, is different and has different goals in mind. While we customize each and every journey, we do find that there are some successful patterns that all groups can use as starting point in planning their journey.


Service Learning Programs

Our flagship community volunteering and service learning programs take high school and college students to developing countries where they learn to think on their feet, work together and gain real-world experience in community development. Through our network of sustainable development projects, students and business teams are empowered to work as team, overcome challenges, immerse themselves in cultural exchange and step outside their comfort zone.

The key element of the program includes meaningful service learning activities that allow students to understand people from different backgrounds and help improve their quality of life in a sustainable way.

Service Learning

Study Tour Programs

Study Tour Programs are designed to apply classroom learning to the real world. Our study journeys can focus on history, language, law, business, art, music or sports among others. As with all of our journeys, each group can customize their study tour to best fit their objectives. All journeys are designed to complement classroom study and encourage students to innovate and apply their knowledge in a non-traditional context. These programs are best suited to college-age students but are also open to high school students.

Study Tours

Sustainable Incentive Programs

Sustainable Incentive Programs create extraordinary experiences for companies, teams, management groups, boards and networking groups. We ensure organizations truly engage with the community and contribute to the cause while facilitate leadership development through activities included within the larger travel program. Our innovative itineraries build employee commitment, trust and engagement within the team through bespoke leisure travel activities that are unforgettable experiences for all involved.


Bali Wildlife Conservation Program

Wildlife Conservation Program

Take part in community development and wildlife conservation programs, conduct research and environmental management to protect the local ecosystem.

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Hanoi Teaching Program

Northern Vietnam Teaching Program

Travel to the cradle of Vietnamese culture and collaborate with local schools to improve the local communities' educational standards.

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Teaching Cambodia

Cambodia Teaching Volunteer Program

Provide basic education and training to Cambodian children who would otherwise not have access to such services.

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